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Pet X-ray in Stonehouse, Stroud


We have a state-of-the-art digital x-ray system that provides fast, high quality images. X-rays are a vital tool in diagnostic investigations of a wide range of conditions, examples include (not limited to):

  • Investigation of lameness and other orthopaedic conditions

  • Assessment of implants and progress following orthopaedic surgery

  • Investigation of cardiac and respiratory disease

  • Investigation of gastrointestinal disease

  • Investigation of renal and urinary disease

  • Assessment of the skull, e.g. skull and jaw fractures, nasal disease, dental disease

We also perform x-rays for the BVA/Kennel Club hip and elbow schemes. 

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While our vet practice is based in Stonehouse we serve Stroud, King Stanley, Leonard Stanley and many towns in Gloucestershire.

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