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Laboratory Testing in Stonehouse, Stroud

Laboratory Testing

We are equipped with the latest blood testing machines that allow us to perform many blood tests in-house. Having these machines in-house is vital for those pets that require same-day results, such as those that are very unwell, or those that need results before having a general anaesthetic.


We can also perform chemical analysis and microscopy on urine samples in-house. This is important in the care of many of our patients, such as those with renal disease, diabetes, urine tract infections and urine crystals. 

Additionally, we work closely with an external laboratory that can perform an extensive range of further tests should they be required. Common examples include biopsies, faecal analysis, and serology for infectious diseases. 

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While our vet practice is based in Stonehouse we serve Stroud, King Stanley, Leonard Stanley and many towns in Gloucestershire.

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