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Pet Vaccinations in Stonehouse, Stroud

Pet Vaccinations

Please contact us if your pet needs any of the following:

  • Primary vaccination courses

    • Puppies can start their primary vaccines from as early as 6 weeks of age​

    • Kittens can start their primary vaccines from as early as 9 weeks of age

    • Rabbits require only one dose from as early as 5 weeks of age

  • Restart vaccinations

    • This may be required if your pet's annual vaccination has lapsed by greater than 3 months​

  • Annual boosters for dogs, cat and rabbits

    • Booster vaccinations are given annually to maintain a high level of protection​ for your pet

  • Kennel cough vaccine

    • This is an additional vaccine that many owners opt to have alongside with their annual boosters

    • This vaccine can also be given alone

    • Many kennels, doggy day care, dog walkers and dog sitters may request that your dog has this vaccine to reduce the risk of infection and spread

  • Rabies vaccine

    • This vaccine may be required for your pet to travel abroad​

    • If you wish to travel abroad with your pet, you can visit for further information

    • Our vets can also provide further information on this

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While our vet practice is based in Stonehouse we serve Stroud, King Stanley, Leonard Stanley and many towns in Gloucestershire.

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