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Vets in Stonehouse, Stroud

Pet Health Plan

The Pet Health Plan is a great way of spreading the costs of your pet's preventative health care.  To sign up, please call us on 01453 799966.


What's included? (dogs and cats)

  • Annual booster vaccine

  • Year-round flea, tick, mite, gastrointestinal roundworm, heartworm and tapeworm treatment (including lungworm in dogs)

  • Twice yearly health checks

  • Nail clipping

  • Microchipping (if required)

  • 50% off primary puppy and kitten vaccines (and restart vaccine courses)

  • 10% off neutering 

  • 10% off dental procedures

  • 10% off food items

What's included? (rabbits)

  • Annual booster vaccine

  • Twice yearly health checks 

  • Twice yearly nail clipping (at the time of the health checks)

  • Microchipping (if required)

  • Preventative flystrike treatment 

  • 10% off neutering 

  • 10% off dental procedures

What makes our plan different?

  • We have chosen high quality products:

    • Our products not only cover fleas and worms, but they also include treatment against ticks​

    • We use products that we believe have little or no evidence of flea resistance

    • We use oral treatments in dogs to minimise impact on environmental contamination

    • We use topical treatments in cats to minimise stress of administration, as we know how difficult administering tablets can be 

Dog 2-7.5kg
Dog >7.5-15kg
Dog >15-30kg
Dog >30-60kg
Dog >60-90kg

Monthly Cost








Annual Cost








Annual Saving*

Up to £79.91 (36%)

Up to £114.84 (35%)

Up to £124.10 (36%)

Up to £134.44 (36%)

Up to £149.97 (36%)

Up to £184.17 (38%)

Up to £312.13 (43%)

*Savings calculated are based on the costs of vaccinations, health checks, nail clips, microchipping and parasite treatment. Even further savings can be made on neutering, dental, food and shop items.

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