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Pet Dentistry in Stonehouse, Stroud

Pet Dentistry

Dental problems are extremely common in our pets. It is vital to treat dental disease as it can have a great impact on your pet. We will routinely check your pet's teeth during a health check, but please also contact us should you notice any problems such as:

  1. Bad breath (halitosis)

  2. Dropping food or difficulty eating

  3. Preferring wet over dry food

  4. Rubbing or pawing at the face

  5. Excessive drooling

  6. Accumulation of tartar

  7. Red gums

It is important to be aware that most pets will not show evidence of being in pain, but this does not mean that they are not. 

In addition to providing dental hygiene advice, we can also perform dental procedures. The simplest procedure involves ultrasonic descaling and polishing, which involves removal of tartar from the teeth above and below the gum line. Tartar is an accumulation of plaque and contains bacteria, which if present can lead to inflammation of the gum (gingivitis), infection, and loosening of teeth. 

In many cases, tooth extraction may be required. At Stonehouse Veterinary Practice, we use dental nerve blocks prior to extracting a tooth. Benefits of nerve blocks include:

  • Reduction in the depth of general anaesthetic required during the procedure, which will improve:

    • The safety of the general anaesthetic

    • Reduce the risk of hypothermia (low body temperature)

    • Reduce the risk of hypotension (low blood pressure), which in turn minimises the risk on organ damage, especially the kidneys (this is vital for those patients that are elderly or have kidney disease)

  • Reduction in post-operative pain ​

    • Blocking pain before it happens has be shown to not only reduce the severity of pain following a procedure, but also reduces the length of time pain will persist (this is called pre-emptive analgesia)​

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While our vet practice is based in Stonehouse we serve Stroud, King Stanley, Leonard Stanley and many towns in Gloucestershire.

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